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The Natural Dub Cluster - In Deep - 2014 - digipack


Image of The Natural Dub Cluster - In Deep - 2014 - digipack

IN DEEP - Bloody Sound Fucktory / Elastica Records / Alambic Conspiracy
3 pages digipack - 11 tracks

"In Deep" is the second full­lenght album of TNDC, out for BloodySound Fucktory and Alambic Conspiracy on the 3nd of November, 2014.
Exploring the boundaries of the dub music tradition, the Italian band comes out with a powerful synthesis of psychedelia and electronic elements. The final result is enhanced by the significant featurings of the Italian artists Lili Refrain and Uochi Toki, together with the wicked support of the producer Paolo Baldini.
The concept has been inspired by the work of the nihilist contemporary poet Andrea Palazzo, a Clusters' close friend, who died during the recording session. Trying to approach the inner deep dimensions of the human nature, the lyrics and the imaginary focus on a positive reaction as opposed to the negative era we are living.